Chapter 331: Cooperation
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 331: Cooperation

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Twenty-some days ago, in a small forest.

Mu Yi silently watched as Tang Jie left.

Xiao Wen came up and protested, "Junior Brother Mu, Tang Jie alone can't possibly hold off the reinforcements from Godhead Palace and the Beast Refining Gate. This is clearly the will of the Basking Moon Sect, trying to use us to save their people. Even if we didn't give them True Essence Pills, they would still do it."

Mu Yi was unperturbed. "I know. Actually, if things really are as Tang Jie says and Yun Wuji has taken hostages from three sects, this blockade isn't just the action of the Basking Moon Sect, but of all three sects."

Xiao Wen and Lin Wang were all shocked. "'The action of three sects'? Doesn't that make it a four versus two?"

Mu Yi nodded. "Correct. If I were Tang Jie, I would definitely make this choice. In this contest, the six sects are of unequal strength. The strongest are the Beast Refining Gate and the Basking Moon Sect. If the four sects work together to first eliminate Godhead and Beast Refining, the Basking Moon Sect would be left as the strongest of the four."

Lin Wang realized what was going on. "If that's the case, then this matter is of huge benefit to the Basking Moon Sect. No wonder they're being so nice. Junior Brother Mu, since you saw through it, why did you give him the True Essence Pills? They should be giving stuff to us."

Mu Yi shot Lin Wang a cold glance. "Is your objective limited only to a few bottles of pills?"

Lin Wang froze as Mu Yi continued, "Though my Seven Absolutions Sect ranks as one of the six major sects, it has always been ranked last of the six. In every contest, the Seven Absolutions Sect has to sit at the very end, drawing the laughter of others. In this Immortal Fortune Conference, while everyone knows that the six sects are taking part, the vast majority of people think that the winner will be the Beast Refining Gate. Are you guys willing to just sit back as Godhead Palace and the Beast Refining Gate are eliminated?"

A Seven Absolutions Sec

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie was right to be suspicious about how quiet the battle between Godhead Palace and the Seven Absolutions Sect was! A shame he didn't act on his suspicions...

Novel Notes

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