Chapter 332: Escape
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 332: Escape

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr


With a massive boom, the mountain that Mu Yi's group was on exploded in a cloud of smoke.

A black pillar of smoke shot straight into the heavens.

This black pillar of smoke painted the sky like ink on paper, instantly turning it pitch-black, converting day to night.

Moreover, this invasive black smoke divided into countless thinner pillars of smoke that spread through the air, instantly descending across a large region.

It appeared like an enormous bird cage had appeared. The thick black pillar coming from the center of the mountain served as the central pillar, providing an endless stream of energy to the surrounding pillars. As for Peng Yaolong and the others, they were the birds in the cage.

The Fire Beacon Smoke Net Formation!

"Hurry!" Tang Jie was so alarmed by this sight that his blood ran cold.

No one understood the significance of this bird cage more than him.

A Smoke Net Formation!

Though he didn't understand what kind of Smoke Net Formation this was, the most defining trait of these formations was their ability to attack and imprison, and they were excellent for group battles. Smoke Net Formations also had the weakness in that the central smoke pillar could be attacked and broken. but the Seven Absolutions Sect had meticulously chosen the mountain to be the center of the formation, so more than half of the pillar was actually in the mountain. In this way, they protected the crucial part while using the sword formation to battle against the Basking Moon Sect.

That battle had consumed much of the Basking Moon students' magic power, and the terrain of the mountain served as its own form of defense. With this double layer of protection, destroying the central pillar was basically impossible.

Thus, Tang Jie instantly understood that the Basking Moon Sect no longer had any hope of victory while inside the formation, so he continued to flee while dragging along Wei and Qi.

More smoke pillars were coming down, engulfing the small mountain and the surrounding area in a flood

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie just barely manages to escape, but everyone else in the Basking Moon Sect is trapped in the formation! Is this curtains for the Basking Moon Sect's chances in the Immortal Fortune Conference?

Novel Notes

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