Chapter 333: Counter Control
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 333: Counter Control

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

In a quiet forest, a yellow light suddenly drilled out of the ground.

It was followed by a human figure, which crashed into a tree before dropping to the ground.

It was Tang Jie.

But Tang Jie was covered in so many wounds that he hardly seemed human.

Most frightening of all was his back, which had had a large chunk of flesh shorn off, causing Tang Jie to bare his teeth in pain. But he still threw his head back and laughed, "A fish that breaks out of the net doesn't care if it lost a few scales, only that it survived."

Upon seeing this, even Heng Wudi couldn't help but comment, "This kid's pretty tough."

Cultivators had always valued courage, and while Tang Jie might not have been admirable in other aspects, this boldness drew the admiration of the crowd.

Jumping off the ground, Tang Jie waved a hand, and a small red flower growing beneath a tree in the distance flew into his hand. He plucked off the petals and then squeezed white liquid from its roots into his mouth. He then opened up his Mustard Seed Bag and took out some medicine to treat his wounds.

The liquid squeezed out of the root of the Redcrown Flower could greatly increase the speed at which a cultivator could recover from wounds. But a single Redcrown Flower could be made into an entire bottle of medicine. Taking it directly like Tang Jie had done was a terrible waste. Thus, the academy had never taught such wasteful methods to the students, so it was surprising that he knew this. Of course, he was able to get He Chong to teach him ways of boosting his spiritual energy, so it was naturally easy to learn other things from him as well.

After applying the medicine, Tang Jie flew into the air to see where he was. The Minor Five Elements Escape Talisman had taken him pretty far, far out of the range of the formation. If not for the blessed land's area restriction, he might have been taken straight out of Red Plum Ridge.

He saw dark clouds gathered on the western end, pillars of smoke rising to the heavens. This was the loca

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie using the Seven Absolutions Sect's formation against them! But he's in a race against time...

Novel Notes

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