Chapter 868.5- Assassinating Dove (2)
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 868.5- Assassinating Dove (2)

In front of a level eight expert, two people who had no weapons had no chance of winning.

But, the earth elf on Ye Zhongming’s shoulder attracted his attention. He felt some energy that made him tremble.

If he could obtain this energy, he could get to level nine!

He suppressed his excitement so the two wouldn’t realize it. Flame Dove sat there and said arrogantly, “What is the matter?”

Rage flashed on Hong Xiang’s face, and he bit his teeth.

Although he just become level eight, he was ranked fourth. Flame Dove and him were equals in rules, but this fellow mistreated him.

Ye Zhongming looked at Hong Xiang and was impressed by his acting skills!

If Hong Xiang didn’t show frustration and anger, Flame Dove might get suspicious.

Ye Zhongming raised his head and looked at Flame Dove.

As expected, there was a strong energy fluctuation. He was a level eight expert.

He didn’t show any reaction, but he was wary.

He had seen level eight experts before. Not mentioning Earth as it was a different evolution system, just the protector beside the Saint Pool was level eight. Ye Zhongming was also hit by that person before.

But that protector’s energy fluctuation wasn’t as intense as Flame Dove’s.

This meant that Flame Dove was stronger than that protector!

It seemed like it would be a tough battle today.

“King Flame Dove, I think you know why I am here. I came to discuss working together.”

Hong Xiang was slightly frustrated and continued using his Oscar-level acting skills.

“Didn’t I make it clear previously?”

Flame Dove squinted his eyes and tapped the table rhythmically.

“... Let Zhongming talk to you about it.”

Hong Xiang turned his head as if he wasn’t willing to face Flame Dove.

Flame Dove laughed coldly. He turned to Ye Zhongming’s body.

Ye Zhongming waited momentarily before saying, “King Flame Dove, Hong Xiang told me why you disagree. I think I can answer all your questions.”

“Oh?” Flame Dove was thinking about capturing Ye Zhongming here. As for Hong Xiang’s reaction, it wouldn’t matter if he could

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