Chapter 868- Assassinating Dove (1)
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 868- Assassinating Dove (1)

Flame Dove sat on his seat and was playing with a silver bracer.

This was one of the ten silver pieces of equipment that Ye Zhongming crafted for Neal when he first came to the Imperial City.

Since even Hong Xiang could get one, an old king like Flame Dove would naturally get one.

But even if he studied it for such a long time, he couldn’t tell why this was magical. Not only did it have special abilities, it could perfectly merge with Posthumous people's battle techniques.

“Another world?”

Flame Dove muttered softly such that only he could hear himself. He was in a daze as he looked at the equipment.

He might have called Ye Zhongming a wanderer during the meeting and said it was preposterous to say he came from another world.

But Flame Dove had become a king for so long, and he knew that Blue Secret Realm was not the only space.

This recognition came from two aspects.

One was from other kings.

People were the same. Posthumous people kings who ruled were also people. Some were closer to others; some had marriage alliances, some hunted with others… There was a difference in closeness between some kings and others.

This was between kings of the same era. There were legacies for different eras. After all, there were limited resources and battle techniques. Someone who could be nurtured would more easily become a king.

So, to a certain extent, people could inherit the position of king.

Think about it: if there were two level seven experts, who could become a king? Of course, the one with a legacy and a super faction behind them.

Flame Dove wasn’t an exception. He took over the position from the last tribe leader.

The person who gave him his position was also one of the heirs to the Saint Pool Protector. He had followed the protector and learned from him.

That king learned some secret matters, including the existence of other spaces.

Thus, it wasn’t surprising for Flame Dove to know about this.

Apart from that, there was another reason. One reason that only he knew.

He was only a step from level nine.

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