Chapter 867- Red Powder Magic Cavern Missile
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 867- Red Powder Magic Cavern Missile

The sky turned bright, and more people were walking around Cloud Peak.

The army had recently left, and most of the people guarding Cloud Peak had returned. Only a few management staff were left at the Trading City and Ying City.

Although the two squads headed out secretly, people would obviously find out. If someone took this chance to sneak attack them, that would be a problem. They had to defend even if they had Star Beauty Company’s help.

Sister Rong, Liu Zhenghong, Le Dayuan, and Star Beauty Company’s second-in-command, Jia Zhong, were eating breakfast around a table.

The four of them were management-level people who remained at Cloud Peak.

“Some dark currents have been moving in Ying City. Who knows which faction they are from, but they have been contacting people. I told Shasha to pay attention to them.”

Liu Zhenghong said something and continued to eat slowly.

Chameleon had sent her this news. The founder wasn’t here, and Ye Zhongming, the overall leader, wasn’t here. Thus, Liu Zhenghong took temporary control.

Le Dayuan and Sister Rong were expressionless. They weren’t people that cared about power. The latter was someone who had survived a certain death, so he saw past many things.

But Jia Zhong’s expression changed. He thought about it and understood.

Cloud Peak obviously had its own trump cards. Looking at their control of Ying City, Cloud Peak definitely had a strong power n the dark. Those who tried to jump out and cause problems now would end up in a bad state.

Everybody was terrified about how vicious Cloud Peak was to people who betrayed them.

This would be a true wipeout. They would be so cruel that they would rather kill someone wrongly than miss out on someone guilty.

Jia Zhong knew that Boss Ye, who hadn’t been seen in some time, probably knew bits of what was going on. The real people who were executing it were Xia Lei, Liang Chuyin, and Xia Bai. However, he definitely allowed it. So, he wouldn’t underestimate that young man. However, he was even more terrified of these few women w

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