Chapter 866- Chameleon
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 866- Chameleon

Yu Zaike’s death didn’t affect the Sixth Army’s resistance. When facing zombies, humans would never give up.

Glory Army’s equipment was good—only slightly worse than Cloud Peak's. Moreover, they had more crafted weapons. Guns were still most of their first choice.

These weapons that could kill the enemy from a distance gave humans a huge sense of safety.

But today, the zombie horde they faced was too strong and weird.

These zombies’ levels were high such that it was tough for them to kill any of them individually.

Zombies of the same level were stronger than humans. Now that you faced an equally large group, they would have already collapsed if not for their disciplined training.

But they couldn’t last for too long.

Yu Zaike’s arrangement was very useful. Although their defense line was on the verge of collapsing, some of them were retreating.

At this time, no one expected Yu Zaike to die. To them, even if a seven-star evolved was in danger, they shouldn’t get killed so quickly. That was the highest evolution level that humans currently knew about.

But they didn’t expect their leader to meet such a monster.

The sixth and seventh squads weren’t the main force, and there weren’t many of them. There were only 400 people in each. They were usually in charge of patrolling and guarding the resources. They were supposed to take the items from the storage.

Eight hundred people dashed. Each one of them had a huge bag, and they also had one in their hands. They were evolved, and each of them was able to carry as much as a truck.

But when they got close to the storage, they saw another squad heading over from another direction.

The fifth squad’s captain, Tie Shan, and the sixth squad’s captain, Lin Lie, looked at each other and knew things weren’t good.

The entire Glory Army was fighting, and each squad had its job. No other squad would appear here, which meant that these people were definitely not from the Glory Army.

“Is that Captain Tie Shan and Lin Lie?” A voice shouted their names which caused them to swal

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