Chapter 865- Frustrated Death
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 865- Frustrated Death

Combo Warrior’s attacks were like the rain; they were connected and endless.

Think about it: how strong would a seven-star evolved’s attacks be if he used his bloodline and job?

This attack style was something the Glory Army higher-ups regarded as a mad dog style.

Although they said so to tease him, but it also showed how strong it was.

Talking Lady couldn’t keep up with his tempo, and some attacks landed on her body.

But even if she was similar to humans, she was still a zombie, an exceptionally strong zombie. Her body was strong. She protected her face, and even if her body was hit, what could you do to her?

For example, Yu Zaike’s fist hit her stomach. Humans might have bent their backs because of the hit because their intestines were shocked. They might even spit out blood.

For example, if an elbow hits your chest, human hearts might shatter, and they might die instantly.

But the Talking Lady continued to retreat as if nothing had happened, and this didn't affect her combat strength at all.

Yu Zaike didn’t even break a single bone.

There was a smack, and Talking Lady was hit in the face by a kick. She flew backward and hit the ground.

This was Yu Zaike’s few chance to hit her head. He had to launch several attacks each time before forcing her into revealing some weakness.

Seeing Talking Lady fly backwards, Yu Zaike didn’t follow up. He remained where he was and panted.

His job skill consumed mental energy, and it was consumed over time. He had attacked for so long, which was a huge ask of his stamina and mental energy.

No one was able to last so long under his attacks!

Three times. He used the Combo Warrior’s strongest move three times. If not, he wouldn’t have consumed so much energy. Abilities without cooldown consumed more energy. It was already very amazing that he could hold on for so long.

But his heart sank when he saw the Talking Lady stand up like nothing had happened.

He could do nothing to her?

This thought made Yu Zaike very frustrated.

This was the first time he admired those peo

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