Chapter 846.5- Flame Tiger Operation (3)
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 846.5- Flame Tiger Operation (3)

“There are around 200 suicide lifeforms which have similar bombs but weaker. They are only 70% of the strength of the Liao Brothers.”


Little Tiger and Candy exclaimed.

Only 70% strength? That could threaten a five-star evolved. If they were close, four-star evolved would die.

They had 200 of such lifeforms!

How long ago did the gene technique have a breakthrough? They actually had such scale and strength? This was also the first stage. How strong would the second stage be?

Everyone understood why Xia Lei mentioned that this was top secret. This technique was as valuable as the crystal weapons. Due to Cloud Peak’s strength, other factions knew about the crystal weapons but didn’t dare to attack them as the price was too high.

But if they knew that the gene technique was improved, Cloud Peak would be in danger.

Two types of technologies were too tempting!

“Sister Hong, do you still want the little snake?” Candy nudged Little Tiger, who walked up to her and pointed at the little snake that returned to the test tube.

Liu Zhenghong smiled, “Sure, but agree to my condition.”

His eyes lit up, “What condition?”

“Let me test on you for a few days and provide me with some bone marrow cells.”

Little Tiger ran in terror, which caused everyone to laugh.

Xia Lei stared at him, “This is the test product of the second stage. Do you want to take it? I will cut your hand.”

She glanced at Candy, and she lowered her head immediately.

“Grandmaster Le, talk about yours.”

Le Dayuan wasn’t as cold as Liu Zhenghong. He had to collect data about the crystal weapons, so he came into contact with more people. When he stepped up, everyone was warmer.

“Let me introduce two things that I invented.”

New things?

The eyes of the few leaders lit up.

The new items were the best. As the crystal weapons had limited production, two batches of the same equipment might take over a month.

This month would allow the team that got the weapon first to benefit a lot. The gap might not open up, but there would be some skill gaps.

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