Chapter 847- Flame Tiger Operation (4)
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 847- Flame Tiger Operation (4)

“To clear the enemy factions around and to ensure the safety of our base and quicker evolution in the future, Zhongming created the Flame Tiger operation. These are the exact orders.”

“Little Tiger!”

Xia Lei raised her voice and looked at the kid that Mo Ye and herself had brought up.

He had grown. Apart from Mo Ye and her, he was another excellent commander.

“Sister Lei!”

“Tonight, lead Chuyin, Tang Tian, and your squad along with 100 gene lifeforms, 2500 of you. Get the newest crystal weapons and bring one moving fortress. Meet with the Talking Lady in Tao Family County and get to Zuomen City within 40 hours. Launch an attack on the sixth Glory Army division.”

Although they were prepared, everyone was shocked when they heard that they were targeting the Glory Army!

Maybe because Cloud Peak had reached a high level, or Ye Zhongming’s rebirth had caused a butterfly effect, Glory Army was exposed to everyone in just a year. However, as the information wasn’t detailed, people hadn’t seen the first three Glory Army divisions.

But everyone knew that Glory Army was a super organisation. When many people didn’t know about the Resistance Zone, they were already the strongest group in the region.

Although Glory Army and Cloud Peak were enemies where their fifth and seven divisions had died to Cloud Peak, in this half a year, they didn’t make any movement, and they didn’t try to take revenge.

Many core members frowned. It wasn’t that they were afraid of the Glory Army. Cloud Peak wasn’t scared of anyone. But to suddenly attack a super faction shocked many of them.

“Remember, our goal isn’t to wipe them out; we just have to crush them and take their resources. We also want the control of the Ice Blue dungeon!”


This time, they didn’t frown. This was something everyone loved to do.

Cloud Peak warriors often followed instructions and were as disciplined as an army. However, because they were maintaining order in Ying City, they had to be a good example.

But if they faced unfriendly organizations, Cloud Pea

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