Chapter 846- Flame Tiger Operation (2)
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 846- Flame Tiger Operation (2)

“Sister Liu, say it first.”

Xia Lei sat back down and looked at Liu Zhenghong.

This Creator Hong was much cleaner than when Ye Zhongming met her for the first time. She wore white lab gear and a clean ponytail. Although she was slightly older, her base was very good. Now that she was five-star, she appeared young. People who didn’t know her would think that she was around 30.

Before speaking, Liu Zhenghong waved habitually. The ring on her finger was obvious, which caused many to glance at Le Dayuan. The crystal weapon father had a similar ring.

“Ye Zhongming’s equipment is very helpful. He also brought a related fellow with decent skill.” Her voice wasn’t loud, but the core members listened closely. They respected but feared Liu Zhenghong. Her lab often had various sounds, most of them were cries. The sounds that people would only make when they were in extreme pain sent chills down one’s spine.

The person who caused those sounds was Liu Zhenghong…

It was hard for one not to be afraid.

“So, we passed many bottlenecks today.”

She took out a bottle for everyone to see. Inside, a white snake the length of a finger was squirming.

She opened the bottle, and it climbed out.

It looked around and spat saliva on the table.

Everyone was shocked. It wasn’t that the snake was very strong, but because everyone here was five-star evolved and felt like it was very weak. But the effect of the saliva was shocking. The part on the table had rusted!

“This… What is it?”

Little Tiger had a jumpy personality and looked closely. He even wanted to touch the rusty metal, but Liu Zhenghong kicked his butt and ran away.

“Do you remember the egg on the competition death wheel?” Everyone who went through that battle recalled the rewards from that wheel. There were seven items that they could select and this was one of them.

But God Hall obtained it.

“This thing was sold on the black market, and I bought it.”

Liu Zhenghong didn’t explain much, but people understood what she meant. For example… Professor He didn’t submit the it

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