Chapter 845- Flame Tiger Operation (1)
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 845- Flame Tiger Operation (1)

The expressions of the people in the camp weren’t good.

Those living dead people were the best they could rely on. Not because they were strong but because they weren’t afraid of death.

With them at the front, Cloud Peak Alliance could relax and attack from the back.

As they had enough food, not only did the people in the tribe survive, but they also had dozens of newborns, increasing their population. They were even able to work during winter and helped to save several small tribes that couldn’t hunt.

These tribes were on the verge of destruction, so it was easy to recruit them. The number of people in the base increased from 2000 to 3000, and the number of warriors increased from 500 to 700.

If Ye Zhongming returned, the situation would be changed.

A Posthumous people group with 700 warriors and 300 undead could be considered a large tribe.

But they didn’t expect the Imperial City to attack a few days before the winter ended.

They started traveling during the winter!

Why were they risking their lives? Did Ye Zhongming offend them after he headed to the Imperial City?

Be it Ah Tao, Grey Mountain, or Mountain Bank, they felt like it was possible. After all, he had to get to the Saint Pool to leave this place, so how could ordinary people get there? He probably forced his way in, which drew their rage.

But they were more worried about his safety.

“Prepare to fight. There won’t be too many of them. The undead should have given them huge casualties. Now, let’s see who has a thicker life!”

Ah Tao didn’t choose to negotiate with the Imperial City. He was firm in sticking with his promise. He had flipped on the ruler of the Posthumous people!

Seven hundred warriors defended the tunnel. Not far away was the Imperial City army, which had just been through a tough battle and was watching them quietly.


Cloud Peak welcomed good weather. Apart from rain and snow, such weather was the most common.

This was the first time people knew the sky could be so blue without the pollution.

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