Chapter 842- Belonging and crafting
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 842- Belonging and crafting

“What are your plans?”

Ye Zhongming and Guang Yao walked in the mountains. Due to their arrival, many bonfires were lit, so the place was not dim.

Guang Yao’s situation was obvious. His subordinates and his identity were special. Now that they were in the Secret Realm, dangers might occur at any moment. Ye Zhongming needed a united front that listened to his orders instead of having a portion outside the system.

Ye Zhongming needed Guang Yao to make a choice, or rather, a promise.

Guang Yao wasn’t surprised that Ye Zhongming would discuss this with him. He was very calm and said, “I understand what you are saying. If I tell you that I will ask my subordinates for their opinion, I will just be showing no respect. Both of us know that my decision represents them.”

Sky Elephant Battle Squad were his most loyal subordinates, who had chosen between the Resistance Zone and Guang Yao.

“Actually, I don’t have any other choice.” He smiled bitterly.

He was somewhat famous in the Resistance Zone. Just look at Delin; you knew that Guang Yao was someone on his level. The former could climb up from the dead while he was abandoned. He obviously couldn’t accept this difference in treatment.

No matter how bad Ji Ruiguang was, he would risk his life to save his subordinates, but Wen Zhong…

Hearing Guang Yao say that, Ye Zhongming had confidence.

He hoped Guang Yao would join Cloud Peak. Be it himself or the thousand men under him, they were elites. If they could join, it would help to increase Cloud Peak’s strength.

But Guang Yao’s previous identity was a problem. Ye Zhongming wasn’t sure if he had other thoughts. Maybe Cloud Peak was too small for him.

So he was forthright. He just asked him if he wanted to join. If the answer were yes, they would be on the same page. If it were no, he would give him face and allow him to follow, but… He would have to take care of himself and wouldn’t get any benefits from Cloud Peak.

Battle techniques were the one of the most concerning.

“Then, welcome to Cloud Peak.”

Ye Zhongming r

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