Chapter 841- Meeting
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 841- Meeting

Ye Zhongming led people out. Candleroom’s guards looked at Candleroom, who was deep in thought, and all heaved a sigh of relief.

Even if they knew these outsiders wouldn’t have evil thoughts towards their leader, things were not sure in the Posthumous people's world. After all, the leader's safety was the entire tribe’s survival, and they had to care.

“Zhongming, what did you tell their leader?”

Zhao Xingmei and Guang Yao’s identities meant that they couldn’t ask. Xia Bai didn’t care about this. She would do whatever Ye Zhongming told her to do. So, only Liang Chuyin could ask that question.

Ye Zhongming thought about it and felt like it was time to talk to them. He called Ah Yang, Xiao Min, the twins, Ying City Alliance’s core members, and the few Guang Yao trusted.

“This place is dangerous, and I think that all of you have experienced it. But this is a treasure trove, and there are many things that people crave. Demon crystals are just a small portion of that.”

Ye Zhongming started with that and shared his thoughts on the Secret Realm.

Ye Zhongming and Cloud Peak developed quickly due to the crystals he got from the Secret Realm. He had treated this place as a demon crystal farm.

But since his soul traveled to this place, especially after the Gate of Blessing upgraded the Elimination Technique to the highest level, he knew that his understanding of Blue was too shallow. Some things were more valuable here than demon crystals.

“I came here and recruited a few tribes previously.”

This caused expressions in Zhao Xingmei, Guang Yao, etc., to change.

In the apocalypse, due to the wheel, as evolved got stronger, the main reason was because of their own talents and hard work. But luck still played a part. At certain times, luck was still the most crucial element.

So people would fear evolved that were stronger than them, but that might not be respect because the gap might just be a bit of luck. They might get an evolution potion, but you didn’t. As such, the gap would be opened.

Zhao Xingmei, Guang Yao, the

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