Chapter 840- Special trade
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 840- Special trade

Ye Zhongming’s eyes focused, and he was silent.

Since he said that, he waited for him to continue.

“You and those from the Imperial City… Aren’t friendly.”

Candleroom said while raising his brows.

After spending time with Ye Zhongming, Liang Chuyin, Xia Bai, and Zhao Xingmei knew what his expressions meant. Although Ye Zhongming didn't tell them about the secret realm, but after Candleroom said that, they became wary as Ye Zhongming’s emotions changed.

“Don’t misunderstand.”

Candleroom knew he had made a mistake when he saw Ye Zhongming’s eyes squint. Or rather, the way he spoke was wrong. He shouldn’t have been so direct, as he wasn’t strong enough to ensure he wouldn’t get angry.

“I know what you like and know what you can craft. We can trade.”

The others couldn’t understand the language, so they could only watch.

Candleroom said something to the guard, and that person headed down. A moment later, he brought two big bags and poured them out in front of a few of them.

Apart from Ye Zhongming, the others were shocked.

Two big bags filled with demon crystals or different colors!

Xia Bai and Liang Chuyin were still okay, as Ye Zhongming had previously shown his riches and had seen many crystals before. But Zhao Xingmei and Guang Yao were stunned. Their first thought was that the things humans fought for on Earth were being abandoned here.

Also, these crystals… Their levels were so random. There were levels one to five. There was also level six, but there weren’t that many. Eh? There was also a level seven crystal.

“These are for Leader Ye; I just need some equipment.”

He pointed at the equipment on the few of them and couldn’t hide the envy in his eyes.

“You aren’t afraid I go against my word?”

Candleroom laughed when he heard that.

“Although the Imperial City doesn’t like you, I heard that your reputation is very good in some aspects.”

Ye Zhongming didn’t say anything. Since he already said that, what could he reply?

“I won’t let you lose out.”

Candleroom was delighted. Although the Posthumous p

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