Chapter 839- I know you
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 839- I know you

These four were probably drawn over by the commotion here. They were probably scared of that level-seven monster when they got nearby, so they didn’t react. It was also possible that they were attracted by the battle and wanted to look.

Anyways, Ye Zhongming noticed them.

In Blue Secret Realm, Posthumous people weren’t friendly with one another and other tribes. Especially since it was winter; even if they were at the end of winter, it was still winter. Due to the pressure to survive, that unfriendliness would be magnified by several folds.

When they saw that these people actually finished the battle in such a short time, they woke up. They turned and ran quickly.

Ye Zhongming was wondering how he could search for Ah Tao’s tribe. He saw the four people, so he obviously wouldn’t let them run. He shouted for the team to wait for him before he started the chase.

These four people were roughly around four-star evolved, which was decent for Posthumous people. But Ye Zhongming’s level was much higher than theirs, and he had the Blood Stepping Boots and Earth equipment on him. His speed was buffed, so he caught up in a short while.

Seeing that they couldn’t flee, they turned and pulled out their bone blades. They charged at Ye Zhongming fiercely.

In the end… Ye Zhongming gave them each a kick and sent them to the ground.

People who grew up in harsh environments were tough. They wanted to climb up and continue, but Ye Zhongming pointed his blade at one of them to prevent them from moving.

From their dressing, he could tell that this person was the boss. In the tribe, his status should be high. He should be the leader’s son.

“I won’t kill you; I just have a few questions. But if I am not satisfied with your answer, I don’t mind killing you.”

Ye Zhongming’s Secret Realm language was very accurate, and they understood it. The three others looked at the young man that Ye Zhongming was pointing at.

“You aren’t robbing us?”

This teen continued to look at Ye Zhongming carefully.

Ye Zhongming kept his blade and saw X

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