Chapter 803- Fertile Soil
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 803- Fertile Soil

The gravity here was many times that of Earth.

Ye Zhongming thought about the reason very quickly, and he became nervous. Was he teleported to someplace like the secret realm?

The area in front of him lit up. Of course, this was relative. This space was still a little dark.

Looking out, the sky gave off light that rippled. Numerous streaks of light formed a scene that made it seem like you were underwater.

The area around wasn’t wide, and many barriers were erected. This space was split into many pieces, and Ye Zhongming was in one of them. He could see the pregnant demon monster in one of the spaces, too, but there were many barriers away.

Ye Zhongming walked forward. As an evolved, he quickly adapted to the gravity changes.

But when he glanced at the ground, his mouth opened uncontrollably.

He saw… Fertile Soil!

It was the country's specialty product, similar to Star Dust!

When he was fighting for the Ocean King Crown, the West Asians used the Stardust Sand. As Ye Zhongming said its name immediately, the West Asians thought he had China’s country product. Thus, they agreed with Cloud Peak to form a relationship and trade freely.

He even gave Ye Zhongming a token, which was the Space Stack Gate, to build a teleportation path.

Ye Zhongming still had some of the Stardust Sand from before that he didn’t bear to use. After all, one of its abilities was to bring people back from death, so if he used it, it would reduce.

Ye Zhongming planned to find Fertile Sand on a large scale when he returned but didn’t expect to see it here.

Ye Zhongming bent down slightly and looked carefully at the Fertile Sand that he was stepping on. He confirmed that he was correct. In his last life, his team and participated in an operation to fight for Fertile Sand. Although they were only on the outside, but once the mission ended, he had seen such a thing.

There was actually so much of it here?

The mysterious space was covered in this valuable thing.


Ye Zhongming felt his heart pounding.

Country Product, as the name

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