Chapter 802- Door on the wheel
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 802- Door on the wheel

“Work together. Us, together. Then, split up.”

But the demon monster knew what Ye Zhonmging wanted to do. Through the messenger, she said that and then looked in another direction.

“If we don’t work together, my, kids, kill your, friends.”

This demon monster started to threaten Ye Zhongming.

“Are you not afraid that I would kill you first?”

Ye Zhongming looked at the two demon monster corpses that Yellow Ball and him killed, “I don’t believe that you are stronger than them?”

He aimed at her stomach. Ye Zhongming returned her threat to her.

“You, can’t kill, me.”

Ye Zhongming decided to try.

The wheel was dangerous? What wasn’t dangerous?

Kill my friends? I had given them a piece of equipment that could keep them safe for a few hours.

Everything could be solved after he killed it.

Ye Zhongming attacked the moment he made his mind up, and did so without holding anything back.

But the outcome shocked him.

The pregnant demon monster’s body grew bigger. It was close to 4.5 meters!

It was a demon monster about to reach level eight!

Ye Zhongming used many methods, but the demon monster didn’t fight back. It only dodged. It was so quick that Ye Zhongming couldn’t keep up.

If this demon monster wanted to leave, even Yellow Ball couldn’t keep up with it.

After using Space Stack, Ye Zhongming gave up.

This demon monster maintained a distance from him and even dodged his shooting. This caught Ye Zhongming off guard.

If Ye Zhongming wanted to use everything, he did have a way to deal with it but the price was huge. It was so huge that using it now would be a waste.

Seeing that the human had calmed down, the demon monster looked down on Ye Zhongming, “Us, work together, benefit.”

Ye Zhongming was in a tough situation.

He knew that he couldn’t kill it and the demon monster wouldn’t leave this place. He told its two subordinates to attack because it really wanted to kill Ye Zhongming. Then, it could control this human woman to spin the wheel for them and use this way to break the rule that only humans could

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