Chapter 804- First function
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 804- First function

Thinking that he had entered here through the wheel, Ye Zhongming realized that maybe the space was a test. If he passed the test, he could get some Fertile Soil.

From the demon gambling wheel to the competition death wheel and also the Ocean King Wheel, all of them were tests. This became a symbol of special wheels.

From simple to difficult. Wasn’t the first space the simplest one?

Ye Zhongming turned to look at the first space he had passed. The branches had retracted and disappeared from the surface. This further proved his guess.

He looked at the opened barrier and didn’t enter immediately. Instead, he sat in the first space!

He took out the Fertile Soil that he got. This pure black soil that didn’t have any impurities looked beautiful.

Ye Zhongming’s thoughts were simple. Since he was going to face endless challenges and tests, he should be prepared. There wasn’t any time requirement here, either.

Ye Zhhongming knew something about the Stardust Sand. this thing appeared in auctions and the auctioneer had introduced his function. So as compared to the Fertile Soil, Ye Zhongming understood the sand more.

But he had some Fertile Soil in his hands. If he just kept them and completed the unknown dangers, it would be a waste of a treasure.

So he decided to find out its functions and see if they could help him get stronger. Then, he would have more confidence to face the challenges that would increase in difficulty.

The biggest function of the Stardust Sand was healing. If one was still breathing and their organs were still there, they would be saved after eating it.

Could the Fertile Soil be eaten too?

Ye Zhongming thought about it, but he didn’t have the courage to swallow it.

Who knew if this thing would have any side effects? Maybe it wasn’t to be eaten, and if you ate it, there might be poison?

If he died here because he tried to test it, that would be the biggest joke in the world.

But, he couldn’t eat it, and the thing was called Fertile Sand so could plants eat it?

When he thought about that,

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