Chapter 805- Earth Equipment
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 805- Earth Equipment

The previous test was on the earth nature of the soil. Truth proved that the country product didn’t disappoint and it was trustable.

Now, what Ye Zhongming wanted to test was the Fertile Soil as a material.

As Stardust Sand could be used as a material and mixed into the crafting of equipment to form the famous Star Equipment, Ye Zhongming guessed that Fertile Soil could too.

He looked at his equipment. The green Thousand Leaf Phosphor Armor, the blue Sand Dance, the gold Blood Stepping Boots, the silver Spirit Qilin Pendant, the purple Crystal Energy Demon Gun, the silver Nature Staff, etc. Ye Zhongming had to select one of them to test on.

But all of them were important to him. It would be a huge loss if he tested on them and they were destroyed.

Ye Zhongming looked at his pants. These were good quality camping pants. Ye Zhongming Enchanted it and added Ghost Metal to turn it silver. Although it didn’t have many abilities, but it had two that could support him.

Compared to other equipment, the value of the pants was the lowest. Ye Zhongming took them off and decided to test on them. If they got destroyed, then so be it.

He took some Fertile Soil and first tried to Enchant, but it didn’t work. Seemed like this thing couldn’t stack like other materials.

He selected ten grams and Enchanted the pants.

Just by feeling alone, he knew he succeeded.

He was delighted and went to check its stats.

“Strong Wind Speed Pants. Ability 1, Light as wind, increase speed by 50 and jumping ability by 100.”

“Ability 2, good quality, defense plus 35, toughness by 100.”

Ye Zhongming scratched its head, there were no changes?

The pants had such stats before, and they remained the same. Was Fertile Soil useless on equipment?

But it felt as if it had succeeded?

Was it similar to when he nurtured the Cannibal Flower, and the soil itself absorbed his mental energy?

Ye Zhongming waited, and there still weren’t any changes, which proved his guess wrong.

He thought about it, was it because the amount of Fertile Soil wasn’t eno

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