Chapter 742- Finally meeting
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 742- Finally meeting

The small group also saw Ye Zhongming and Wen Zhong. Their walking speed slowed.

Zhang Hengzhou stood in the second row of the group and looked at Ye Zhongming solemnly.

He didn’t have a good time these two days.

Ye Zhongming and his Cloud Peak’s battle outside made them the focus of Sharp Peak Mountain. Many news about them spread. You had fallen behind if one didn’t talk about them when they met.

After Cloud Peak entered, news spread that they were T Zone’s only invited team. That made them even more famous.

He tossed a considerable sum to purchase all the beast eggs, making them famous and wealthy.

One could say that Ye Zhonngming and Cloud Peak were the main topics in Sharp Peak Mountain, and his shine covered that of the meeting.

Their appearance gave them a fresh new topic, but Zhang Hengzhou felt his face burn when he heard the names.

Why would Ye Zhongming get blocked outside the mountain? Why did so many mutated lifeforms attack them? Those answers were like slaps to his face.

Someone had fought for monsters with them, and someone drew the monsters to them.

Who was it? C Zone’s Zhang Hengzhou.

He offended this squad and didn’t let them in. He set a trap for them, and they managed to fight their way in in the end!

Zhang Hengzhou didn’t realize that from kill stealing to taking revenge outside the city, he was the one offending Cloud Peak and Ye Zhongming. He knew that he had lost his face and was being trampled. The issue of the new commander for the new zone was being hidden in shadow by this issue.

He felt this guy who was close by was the reason for that.

“What is going on?”

Sensing that everyone had slowed, a young man in the first row smiled and asked.

The equally handsome guy beside him replied, “Ye Zhongming, Cloud Peak.”

The guy looked at Ye Zhongming with interest. When he saw Xia Bai, he scoffed. At the same time, he asked the person who had told him who these people were and received a nod in reply.

His eyes glowed.

“Commander Wen, hello.” The guy who said Ye Zhongming’s name w

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