Chapter 741- Ye Zhongming's item
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 741- Ye Zhongming's item

“If you have something to auction, you can register it, and there will be professionals who will judge it. If they think it is okay, you can auction it off, and they will give a rough price. If you can accept it, then it would be listed as the base price.”

Wen Zhong pointed to the side and led Ye Zhongming over. They saw six to seven windows. Half of them had people speaking to workers at the counter, and they held all sorts of items. But most people returned with disappointment. The items they brought didn’t meet the standards of the auction.

Wen Zhong brought Guang Yao and Little Xiu to a counter, and Guang Yao passed a box. Wen Zhong handed it to two people who greeted him. Those two knew about his identity.

The people opened the box and were stunned. Even Ye Zhongming and Liang Chuyin were shocked.

It was a silver Holy Army Coat set!

“You didn’t expect me to auction this, right? Wen Zhong smiled, “No choice; I need to let others benefit.”

Ye Zhongming understood what he meant. He knew that Wen Zhong was under pressure. While the Holy Army Coat made him stronger, others in the alliance targeted it. He was using this way to reduce the pressure on him. Although it was not a solution, it was a temporary reprieve.

“I know you are rich and purchased all the beast eggs, but let this set go. If you bid for it, they will think I am playing them.”

Ye Zhongming nodded and expressed that he understood.

“What about you? Do you have something to auction?”

Ye Zhongming walked to the counter and spread his palm at Xia Bai. She passed a beast that was half the size of her palm.

Little Xiu’s eyes lit up.

This fellow was too cute. Not only was its fur beautiful, but it looked dumb. It was sleeping and snoring softly.

“Sir, what… What is this?”

The two people weren’t professionals at evaluating battle beasts, so they asked. Wen Zhong listened in on the side.

“The baby of a level seven beast.”

The two of them were excited.

Mutated lifeform children had a high chance of becoming as strong as their parents. The other

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