Chapter 743- Black Solid reappears
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 743- Black Solid reappears

“Now beginning the auction of the 5th item, please take a look.”

The first four items were completed, but Ye Zhongming didn’t care much.

His apocalypse life meant that his mind wouldn’t blank when he saw Bai Sisi, but it badly affected his emotions.

After Mu Xinfei found his base and made noise, Ye Zhongming knew he would see the woman with whom he had spent two lives. It was just a matter of time.

But when he saw her, he couldn’t maintain his calm state.

He knew that some things had changed. His revival meant that things were different from his last life. For example, the people around him, like Mo Ye, Liang Chuyin, Xia Lei, Little Tiger, Park Xiuying… In the last life, they were probably dead. They might be alive, but that would be in another way.

But Ye Zhongming didn’t know them in his last life, so he wasn’t too affected. But Bai Sisi was different.

In his last life, he saw what happened to her. But things changed in this life.

That afternoon, the start of the apocalypse appeared in his mind. He tried to keep her, but she turned her face and was shifty.

Suddenly, he found it hard to suppress his complicated emotions.

He could see people glancing over. He recalled the panic on Bai Sisi’s face, but he didn’t know how to face her.

“You know her?”

There was a gentle voice. Ye Zhongming raised his head and saw Liang Chuyin. It wasn’t surprising that she could guess it. Bai Sisi’s panicked expression was too obvious.


“Good taste.”


“Focus on the auction.”

The influencer raised her chin and looked proudly forward, but her arms grabbed him tightly.

“It was in the past.”

Ye Zhongming’s heart hurt, and he tapped her hand. Her body became soft.

He turned around, and the auction for the fifth item was over. His gaze became firm.

“It is time for the sixth item; please look.”

The auctioneer removed the golden cloth from the silver plate a beautiful woman was carrying to reveal two stones.

“Two stat stones, brown one is an earth element, and white is wind.”

Ye Zhongming straightened his bod

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