Chapter 651- Teleportation
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 651- Teleportation

Ya Tian’s body appeared nearby, and the iron zombie was beside her.

But her clear eyes were filled with violence and rage. She was in a similar state to her sister, who was fighting.

When Ya TIan appeared, Ye Zhongming felt like Ya Ni got stronger.

She released the Stabbing Wing Battle Squad’s boss, whose expression and body were twisted, and looked towards the Black Cloud Team boss.

The guy, who was like a giant, struggled to swallow his saliva. On close look, one could see that his body was shaking.

He was afraid.

A minute had passed since the start, but what had happened? A one-star evolved and two four-star evolved were killed in an extremely violent way.

How could he not be afraid? The boss of Stabbing Wing was his friend, and they often sparred with each other. He knew how strong his friend was. Now that someone on the same level as him was insta killed, how could he be calm?

So he turned to flee. Star Sunflower Fish and demon crystals weren’t as important as his own life.

But the moment he turned his head, he saw that the situation behind him wasn’t much better than this. The guy had crossed them, and corpses were lying around him. Thousands of weird-looking flying lifeforms were attacking his subordinates. There was even a level-six presence!

Close to a thousand. This number seemed a lot in the underground city, but they were defenseless against these flying lifeforms.

Skills and weapons hit the tunnel's walls, causing stone and dirt to fly about. People screamed and cried, and a gory stench started to spread.

So, one person could challenge a whole faction. He even didn’t need to spend much effort!

The entire faction collapsed in two minutes.

No one expected these two people to be so strong that they were able to control the situation in a short time.

Black Cloud Team’s boss fled. He pushed his few loyal subordinates to stop that short zombie.

But he still didn’t manage to get far enough.

He didn’t expect the chaos to provide him with good cover. If not, with his speed, he would have been c

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