Chapter 652- Inside and outside
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 652- Inside and outside

“Boss has spent close to a week inside.”

Ah Yang and Tong Hu were on duty on the west side of Linhai City. The two led their teams and circled Linhai briefly before squatting on an abandoned roof to smoke.

Everyone had to face immense pressure in the apocalypse, so cigarettes and women became essentials to release stress. Many who didn’t smoke or drink during peacetime got addicted to these habits to release their emotions. Many of them even found drugs to numb themselves when needed.

The evolved’s body made one fearless when using such items.

Of course, if one was female, they could get addicted to men, too. Or, if they were willing, they could go for other women.

Due to his environment, Ah Yang was used to drinking and smoking and was even quite experienced at it. That became worse in the apocalypse. As he had a good boss, the core members of Cloud Peak were wealthy. He often used some crystals to trade for good quality wine and cigarettes for his hobbies.

Tong Hu’s wife kept him in check, so he only dared to smoke a few sticks occasionally. After the apocalypse started, especially since he followed Ye Zhongming, Little Li stopped caring about that. Anyways, the body wouldn’t die from smoking, so it was up to him. Of course, she didn’t allow him to spend demon crystals on cigarettes.

Tong Hu was using Ah Yang’s cigarette today, and it was a high-grade good from the wheel.

“En.” Tong Hu replied. He saw Ah Yang about to light another stick and snatched it from him.

“Smoke less; you are young but so addicted. If your sister sees this, she will scold you.”

Ah Yang was the youngest core member, so they often lectured him, making him helpless.

“I am already a five-star evolved; even if I smoked ten thousand sticks a day, I wouldn’t get lung cancer.”

“Who knows, did boss tell you that?”

“Er,” hearing Tong Hu say that, Ah Yang didn’t say anything.

“Sister Ye sent people back again. I heard that she wants Sister Lei to bring people over. She seemed worried about the boss’s safety.”

He didn’t want Grandfathe

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