Chapter 653- Don't be so confident
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 653- Don't be so confident

Mei Na was the one who brought the news.

Ye Zhongming was mentally prepared for Mei Na, but simultaneously, he was surprised. To him, Mei Na was stubborn, and she should have principles. Moreover, she wouldn’t change her thoughts. Who knew that she would make the same choice as Gan Lan.

It seemed like the apocalypse could change people.

The two good friends who had just separated met again, which was awkward. But Gan Lan was more shameless and started to joke with Mei Na.

The news she brought surprised Ye Zhonging. The Life-Taking Carrot was about to evolve.

Based on Mei Na’s news, Lin Hai had a few factions that knew how to use the Death King Tree’s seed. They could use this technique to fight against the carrot during Feasting Day. The latter needed time and energy to evolve, so it would be weak. If they made use of this chance, they might be able to break free.

Ye Zhongming’s original plan was to use people from Lin Hai and some of his methods to charge out. Of course, it would have to make sense with the results of his experiments on the Death King Tree to see if he could find some tricks to make things simpler. It would be great if he could get some benefits through the process.

If Mei Na was right, there was a third choice that might be even simpler.

“Based on what you say, you have a plan. So why choose me?”

Ye Zhongming sat in that tattered house. It seemed squeezy as Gan Lan, Mei Na, and the twins were here.

Mei Na heard Ye Zhongming’s question and retracted her gaze from the weird twins. She looked at him and asked, “Before answering, can I ask you a question?”

Ye Zhongming nodded, “Yes.”

He wasn’t a fool. After understanding the exact situation in Lin Hai and wiping out the Black Cloud Team and Stabbing Wing Battle Squad, Ye Zhongming knew that as long as those people analyzed the matter, they could guess where he came from. This was why he admitted that he was from the outside world and didn’t try to hide anything.

As expected, Mei Na’s eyes lit up when she heard that.

“Work with them, and

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