Chapter 654- Submissive companion
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 654- Submissive companion

The Roselle Cedar growing in the corner developed well. No matter how busy he was, Ye Zhongming would spend some time injecting it with mental energy. It was already five meters tall, and its stem was as thick as a bowl.

The stem contained its life energy, which shocked Ye Zhongming.

If not for his being sure that this was a different breed from that Heaven Tree he saw in the last life, he would think they were the same. They were similar in many areas, especially in terms of life energy. They were so strong that it made one jealous.

Ye Zhongming was a six-star evolved, and his true strength was seven-star. After grasping the Soul Refining Technique and the Scorching Flame Technique, his life energy was voluminous, several times that of other same-level evolved.

But it was still lacking compared to the sprouting Roselle Cedar.

Ye Zhongming didn’t understand why such a mutated plant with a strong lifeform existed. Was it a mutated earth plant, or did it come from the wheel?

Or does it come from other worlds?

Since witnessing the Secret Realm, Ye Zhongming believed that other worlds exist.

He was slightly at ease because Ye Zhongming’s mental energy fully nurtured this Roselle Cedar, so it was warm towards him. When he got near its branches, they would wave to him.

Ye Zhongming even felt that his connection with the Roselle Cedar was stronger than with the iron zombies.

But maybe because the plant wasn’t mature, their connection was a little blur. He felt like the tree was trying to communicate something to him, but he was unsure.

If not for him having to ensure he had enough mental energy, he wanted to use it all on the tree to see it grow to a strong level and understand what it was trying to say.

He continued to observe it for a while before he headed to Surging Motion’s camp. He would craft equipment for the three factions that agreed to work with him. Moreover, he wanted to find that lab.

When he entered the camp, it was boisterous. Gan Lan’s team was here, while Mei Na’s team needed some time. They

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