Chapter 655- Equipment that Ye Zhongming envy
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 655- Equipment that Ye Zhongming envy

Apart from the knots were two special equipment. One was the apron, and the other was the doll.

Their abilities and value weren’t lower than the two beautiful Butterfly Knots.

“Submissive Candy Apron. Ability 1, kitchen destroyer. The young Nuo Nuo is curious about the kitchen, but she is not talented and will cause a fire. But she wore the apron, so she is fine.”

“Immune to all fire element attacks.”

“Ability 2, Stubborn Love, Nuo Nuo loves this apron and does not want to take it off. If you sleep with it, you will have a great dream.”

“500% injury recovery speed if you wear it to sleep.”

“Ability 3, Sweet Lover. Nuo Nuo isn’t old, but she is picky about food and loves sweet food. The apron can satisfy her request and prepare five flavors of sweets for her.”

“Every time the wearer kills an enemy, it will absorb the energy from the enemy and produce one of the five sweets in the pocket.”

“1. Strength Candy, after eating it, you can move the chair in the hall.”

“2. Toughness Candy, you won’t be afraid of a mother’s spanking after eating.”

“3. Simple Candy. After eating it you won’t have any negative status.”

“4. Speed Candy. After eating, you will run as fast as guys.”

“5 Annoyed Candy. After eating it, Nuo Nuo will become impulsive. Don’t offend her at this moment.”

“Each candy will last for an hour.”

Ye Zhongming was shocked when he saw this for the first time.

He rarely saw such equipment’s introduction in the apocalypse, which meant the equipment was special.

In truth, the apron did have special abilities.

Fire element immunity and healing increase. These were already dream abilities, but now, they were gathered on the same equipment.

The most shocking was the last ability. Killing could give a random candy to increase strength, speed, defense, remove debuffs, and an all-around buff.

This candy was the same as potions, but this apron was just a candy-making machine! Although the number of candies was limited, you just needed to kill to get more.

Moreover, Ye Zhongming realized that ability th

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