Chapter 656- Weird lab
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 656- Weird lab

Of course, he wasn’t doing this to catch the dried corpses; he had to confirm the position and situation of the lab.

After all, that was his end goal.

After this period, Ya Tian became a four-star evolved. But Ye Zhongming had no five-star potions, so her further evolution would wait until they got out.

But with her current level, the equipment Ye Zhongming gave her, and the set, Ye Zhongming felt like she could deal with a five-star evolution. If she got better at using her body’s changes and battle skills, she could even fight with a strong six-star evolved with the help of the silver zombie. As for the outcome, it would depend on the strength of that evolved.

The world was very silent when he got out of the tunnel. Probably because it had been long since they came up, Ya Tian looked around greedily and showed her desire to live on the ground.

“Once things end, you will live like this every day. Stop envying, let’s go.”

Ye Zhongming smiled. After these few days, it was tough for him not to like this little girl. When her heart had no hatred, she was a kind person.


She acknowledged before giving Ye Zhongming a wide smile. Her dimples were very deep, and her smile was as sweet as her name.

Ye Zhongming turned his head and thought about something… Should he have a child with Xia Lei, Miya, and even Liang Chuyin, with whom nothing had happened yet, but something was certain to happen? To give himself a descendant?

This thought shocked him, and he quickly tossed them aside and started to find the lab position using the map he got.

As the city changed significantly during the year, he spent a long time finding the place. But the outcome wasn’t satisfactory as he saw that the building was covered in branches.

Ye Zhongming was familiar with them as they belonged to the King Death Tree.

Before he confirmed the strength of that tree that occupied the entire city, he didn’t want to have a conflict with it. Although it looked less shocking visually than the Heaven Tree, it still occupied a city. Ye Zhongmi

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