Chapter 650- Straightforward Ya Ni
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 650- Straightforward Ya Ni

Lone heroes were rare in the apocalypse.

Before one reached nine-star, even eight-star evolved weren’t willing to face an entire battle squad alone.

A battle squad had many people. Even if their levels were lower than yours, they might have special jobs or skills that could affect you and weaken you. If you weren’t careful, you might die.

Only a year passed in the apocalypse, and survivors couldn’t look down on the world. Job skills, weapons, equipment, experience, and inexperience in these areas meant that one couldn’t face an entire faction.

So when the Black Cloud Team and Stabbing Wing Battle Squad looked at the two in front of them, although they stopped, they didn’t think much about it. Maybe Surging Motion sent them here to negotiate.

Of course, they might be welcoming them.

“Where is Peng Liang?”

Two muscular guys walked out. They were the bosses of the two battle squads, and they frowned when they saw the guy and girl before them.

Individually, the two had a much higher status than Peng Liang in the underground city. Black Cloud Team was raised by Lin Xing single-handedly, and they were his trusted battle squad.

He was unhappy because Peng Liang wasn’t here to welcome them.


Ye Zhongming squinted his eyes and looked around.


This answer shocked the two bosses. On the way here, they didn’t pay much attention to news in this direction.

“That doesn’t matter; where is the Star Sunflower Fish you took back?”

“You can find them in hell.”

Ye Zhongming didn’t sense any threat from them and decisively attacked.

Black Cloud Team and Stabbing Wing Battle Squad sent all their members this time; the warriors in charge of fighting were all here. This didn’t mean they overestimated them, but they wanted to pressure and threaten them. Although the tunnel wasn’t narrow, it was squeezy for many people to stand together. Hundreds of people lined up far back like this.

Linhai didn’t have many survivors, so seeing so many people gathered at one stop was rare.

Who knew that someone would attack in

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