Chapter 649- Second order
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 649- Second order

When Gan Lan left and returned, Ye Zhongming was confused by the silver zombie he had created.

This had to start when Gan Lan and Mei Na left.

Surging Motion went to clear the slums, which were in a mess. Based on Ye Zhongming's requirements, they found several badly injured people.

Gan Lan's guesses were correct. The Star Sunflower Fish blood was prepared for this.

Helping Yang Yixi control Surging Motion was just a part of his plan. He was not used to placing his hope on others. The Human Puppet Technique was a plan that he thought of.

He purposely brought the fish through the market so that people in the underground city would be greedy, then… The outcome was expected. Maybe he was fishing; perhaps it was cruel; maybe he was being fake.
But he didn't care.

Although he wasn't as bloodthirsty in this life as he was in the last, it was only because he didn't need to be the one killing. His goal in this life differed from others who were just struggling to survive.

He wanted to uncover the mystery and declare war on the apocalypse, so why would he care to fight other humans?

However, many humans didn't plan to let him leave.
But when he needed to do something, he wouldn't shy away. For example, he led Cloud Peak and Ying City members here. They should be able to enter, but their losses would be huge.

After completing their missions and trying to get out, they would be washed in blood again. Ye Zhongming himself wasn't sure how many members could survive if that happened.

He didn't want his subordinates to die but wanted to complete the mission. So, the best choice was to use the people inside the city.

When he only had two choices, Ye Zhongming didn't hesitate to choose others to die.

This was why he used his huge mental energy to create puppets that listened to his orders.

Of course, after he saw the Death King Tree and Life-Taking Carrot, he did have other thoughts, but he was unsure if he wanted to do so and how he should do that.
Surging Motion would find out sooner or later, so Ye Zhongming didn't hid

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