Chapter 640- Forward Thrust and Star Ice Lightning
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 640- Forward Thrust and Star Ice Lightning

This was the water-avoiding pearl.

It differed from those overpowered treasures in books and movies where one pearl could make you overpowered. This thing that occasionally formed in the bodies of ocean lifeforms wasn’t so strong.

It only had one function. It formed a thin layer on the wearer's body and helped to give warmth and oxygen and reduce water resistance.

Moreover, the Water Avoidance Pearl wasn’t eternal. Its energy would be consumed slowly until it was destroyed.

It was a one-time-use item.

He had the Ocean King Crown but couldn’t give himself the mark, so he kept this pearl.

He wanted to use it as a material to see if he could implant it on equipment. He didn’t expect himself to use it here.

After activating the pearl, Ye Zhongming felt much warmer. It was as if he was split from the river, and the resistance was greatly reduced. He could even breathe. But after every breath, the tightness from that thin layer increased a little to remind him that he couldn’t breathe freely.

It was dark, but he wasn’t afraid. He placed some luminous powder sacs on his shoulders. It was a material from an ocean lifeform that would shine when it touched water. Although it had a limited time, like the water-avoiding pearl, it was enough for Ye Zhongming to spend a long time underwater.

Ye Zhongming continued to head down while being wary. He observed the water flow and the surrounding situation. Although the luminous powder sac allowed him to see, it made him eye-catching. He might get sneak attacked at any moment.

His senses in the water were restricted, which made him very careful.

He recalled what Yang Yixi had told him about this place, and he swam against the current.

The water world was different from life on the surface. Ye Zhongming could sense many lifeforms but wasn’t sure if they were plants or animals as their energy was too weak.

He didn’t know if it was because the monsters were hunted for several months. He was here for 20 minutes but didn’t see any group of fish.

He couldn’t help but be a litt

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