Chapter 641- Chance to flee
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 641- Chance to flee

Mei Na and Gan Lan stopped arguing on the side of the river.

They saw Ye Zhongming jump in. They were shocked but knew that this person wasn’t a Lan Ba. He was just a solo hunter.

But those people shook their heads after they recovered from the shock.

It was okay if he wasn’t a Lan Ba, but was he not afraid of meeting one? If the crystals and materials that he risked his life to get were stolen and he was killed because of that, wasn’t he just stupid?

Even if he didn’t meet one of those, could he hunt fish alone? They lived in schools, and those who were alone were very strong. Moreover, the Star Sunflower Fishes were getting more cunning, and one person couldn't succeed. There was a high chance of them dying and becoming their food.

“Haiz, another overconfident one. How unfortunate, he looked good and clean.”

Mei Na and Gan Lan were closest to the shore, and their men were dozens of meters behind them.

“You don’t look like someone who cares about the lives of others.” Mei Na smiled mockingly and didn’t hesitate to diss her enemy.

Gan Lan didn’t care, “Beautiful, I don’t care about others, but I care about you. There is such a good chance. As long as you become Lin Xing’s woman, you can live well in Linhai. Even I would have to call you little miss in the future.”

She was just smiling as she infuriated her.

“If you like it that much, then why don't you become that old man’s woman?” Mei Na was furious. Lightning flashed across her squinting eyes.

“He doesn’t like me!” She waved, exposing the body part she had been covering while crossing her arms. She even purposely shook them, which caused Mei Na to roll her eyes.

“You are just unwilling. Don’t think I don’t know how your Colorful Smell Battle Squad is being suppressed at the third bomb shelter!”

Gan Lan was stunned as she hadn’t expected this woman to pay such close attention to her faction. She guessed what was happening between Lin Xing and herself from the traces.

She remembered how they were being suppressed and how the battle squad’s situation w

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