Chapter 639- Mei Na and Gan Lan
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 639- Mei Na and Gan Lan

Mei Na had a tattered blanket over her, and water droplets fell from her hair.

People who lived underground had few living resources. It was tough to find a swimming cap. A battle squad boss like her could only tie her hair when she swam.

But she was still willing to hunt here. Although the cleanliness of the water was a problem and one couldn’t drink it directly, at least swimming was seen as another way to bathe.

Even if she could only wash her hair, face, and legs, even if the water were bone-chilling.

“Oi, beautiful, how are the gains? Did you fail to kill any of them? Then, you should be sorry to your subordinates. They purchased the Blood Heating Pill not for you to head down to wash your legs!”

A sweet voice rang from the other side. Ye Zhongming looked and saw an alluring woman in a pink bikini with long red hair and white mist around her.

This woman didn’t have a blanket over her. She just stood there and allowed her body to be exposed to the air. The dozen other people looked at her body, but she didn’t care.

Due to the angle, Ye Zhongming could only see the side of her face, but she should be beautiful. Especially with the numerous torches around shining, it added more charm to her.

Rage appeared on Mei Na’s face when she heard that. Her skin was white due to the lack of sunlight, but she still looked attractive. The white skin even made her look weak and pitiful.

She didn’t look as stunning as the red-haired woman, but if one looked at her for a long time, they would be attracted. But only people in the apocalypse would know that such a woman wouldn’t be weak. She was a much stronger killer than other guys.

The members behind Mei Na were unhappy and clamored to ask her to shut up.

Ye Zhongming knew the woman was called Gan Lan from these people's mouths.

“Have you rested enough? Let’s have a competition then.” Gan Lan brushed her hair, and her chest bounced. The white peaks made everyone swallow their saliva.

Ye Zhongming continued to watch from the tunnel. When he heard Gan Lan say that, a

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