Chapter 617- Still want to fight?
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 617- Still want to fight?

Song Tianze acted like this because of the sense of superiority formed in the resistance zone and his faith in his division.

Compared to ordinary survivors, the resistance zone’s information advantage had formed a gap in the first year. Apart from the Slave Race that made them tremble, they looked down on the humans on earth.

Guang Yao and Sky Elephant Division behaved like this at the start, and so did the Demon Scorpion Division.

They had never lost, which gave Song Tianze and his Demon Scorpion Division their confidence.

He believed it was the same even if he faced Cloud Peak, which defeated Sky Elephant Division.

Right, he admitted that Cloud Peak seemed decent, and he even heard that they had a seven-star evolved. But so what? The details showed that only nine-star evolved were invincible. The other evolved could be handled by other humans.

With their strength, they had to spend some effort dealing with that seven-star evolved. His strength with the Holy Army Coat was no weaker than a seven-star evolved!

So that person who should be Ye Zhongming was talking nonsense, and he didn’t care. He would teach them a lesson.

But right away, he realized that he was wrong, very wrong.

That guy waved, and the warriors took something out.

He glanced, and his cold smile collapsed.

He saw that they were all holding evolution potions. The color was special, and they should be four-star evolution potions.

Four-star potions weren't good for a six-star evolved like Song Tianze, but what about 500? 600? Or even 700-1000?

Sand could be gathered to form a tower, much less four-star potions that were very popular!

Too many, there were too many! He glanced, and it was as if he saw everyone holding a four-star evolution potion.

Oh, he saw many holding three-star potions at the back of the team. There weren’t many, not as many as those holding four-star potions, but what were they holding in their other hand? It looked like a four-star potion.

Pu pu pu!

The sound of them injecting could be heard. Cloud Peak’s warriors

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