Chapter 616- Did this kid graduate primary school?
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 616- Did this kid graduate primary school?

The Cloud Peak members were annoyed after being interrupted.

They were getting rewards. With one potion, they would become a four-star evolved. Another potion, and they would be five-star. Now that someone interrupted them, it was the same as someone calling you when you were about to have fun in bed.

Moreover, the sentry said that this team was aggressive. They had bad intentions. Everyone was pumped up, so would they be afraid of you?

“Just one team?” Ye Zhongming asked carefully and received a definite reply. The sentry said that he hadn’t seen anything in any other direction.

Since that was the case, Ye Zhongming instructed everyone to get ready while he led some people out.

Ye Zhongming was sure that this group had met people who left this place. They knew who was left in the ruins of the center city. The fact that they still dared to come here meant they were confident, so he had to be serious against them.

Be it Cloud Peak or Ying City Alliance members, they were on high alert.

The most terrifying thing during the apocalypse was not meeting those stronger than you; it was those who were on the same level as you.

If you met someone stronger than you, you could flee. If you couldn’t flee, you could surrender. If you met someone weaker, you could crush them.

If you meet someone on your level, be it a team or a person, they might decide to battle because of their self-confidence. In the end, both sides would suffer huge losses.

Such a situation wasn’t absolute, but it always happened.

Ying City Alliance had been through a tough battle and was confident they could fight anyone. Be it Soul Merchant or Glory Army, even other factions like the Resistance Zone, it was impossible to swallow the entire alliance army. Thus, a third situation might occur when both sides don’t back down, and it would cause a massive conflict. Ye Zhongming’s expression became very solemn.

His actions affected the entire alliance army and made everyone feel like they were facing a strong enemy.

Both sides were shocked when Ying

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