Chapter 615- All members get stronger
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 615- All members get stronger

Ye Zhongming had many materials and crystals now.

Counting those they dug from the corpses and what he got from the Pliosaurus, his stash had reached a shocking level.

But not many of them exceeded level six. Although the Pliosaurus felt like they were rubbish, he wasn’t a fool. He still played some tricks. Ye Zhongming knew, but he didn’t care much.

The cooperation was very fortunate, and their discussion of conditions was very rushed. The ocean beasts went nearby to find crystals so they couldn’t nitpick for the humans, which resulted in many crystals not being of a high level.

But this was relative to Ye Zhongming. These demon crystals were enough for ordinary people to go mad.

Level-one crystals weren’t the most as the first evolution wave had reached the end. Level-two and three were the main bulk, followed by level-four.

Ye Zhongming counted and estimated the number of level six and seven crystals. He could eliminate seven options for the level-six wheel, and if he was lucky, he could get two six-star potions. If he was unlucky, that was another story; maybe he could get one bottle or zero. But he would get other rewards.

The level-seven wheel was advanced, and his chance of getting a potion was even lower. He could eliminate five options. With the amount of crystals he had, unless he was lucky, if not, there wasn’t much hope.

The first three levels were a sure hit, so he wasn’t anxious. He started from the level-four wheel.

The center city was chosen here because of the density of wheels. Ye Zhongming didn’t need to go far to find a wheel.

The wheels were like gambling, and it was easy to get addicted. But this was only when you hoped to get something from it.

When you were spinning for things you didn’t need, that feeling wasn’t so intense. If such spinning had to last long, one would feel bored.

This was the case for Ye Zhongming. He wasn’t spinning the first three wheels; just the level-four and five wheels annoyed him.

Fortunately, there were huge gains. He wasn’t too lucky, but he wasn’t to

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