Chapter 614- Future plans
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 614- Future plans

Ye Zhongming did see a large sum of materials before. Be it those high-quality materials from the secret realm or those he traded for in the trading market. When he gathered the materials during the center city defense, there was a large amount of them—especially the latter two times, where the materials could be described as a small hill.

But this time, Ye Zhongming saw… Many hills.

The Cloud Peak warriors that cleared the battlefield had split the materials from low to high levels. The sizes went from large to small, laid out in order.

“Our people gathered half of them. As there weren’t many of us and we had to slice off the materials from the bodies, our progress was quite slow. But those from Ying City didn’t come and help us.”

Mo Ye, accompanied by Ye Zhongming’s side, said as she looked at the materials. Even if she had witnessed these hills forming, her heart was pumping when she saw them now.

Women were more talented in this aspect than guys, and she was no exception. She knew the value of these materials and what they meant with Ye Zhongming here.

It wasn’t hard to imagine how Cloud Peak and Ye Zhongming would digest these materials. Cloud Peak’s overall strength would take a massive step forward.

Ye Zhongming nodded and knew what she meant. The various Ying City factions wanted to help but avoided suspicion in case Cloud Peak misunderstood them for stealing resources.

“Ying City members gave us the other half.” She smiled awkwardly.

After cleaning up the battlefield, those Ying City factions gave some materials to Cloud Peak. Their reasoning was all the same: they wanted to thank Cloud Peak for caring for them.

It did make sense as it did happen. But the true goal was because they wanted to gain Cloud Peak’s good impression and sell them a favor.

They also gained many materials. Maybe because of Ye Zhongming, apart from Haidong from East Mountain Village that disappeared, there weren’t any smiths left. To bring these materials to their true value, they could only seek help from Ye Zhongming. Gi

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