Chapter 328- Battle of two women
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 328- Battle of two women

The arrow with starlight shot through Green Flower’s illusion.

“I told you that your job is useless to me.”

She smiled and floated towards Zhao Xingmei. Her two daggers touched and gave out a clanging sound. There seemed to be something in the air that caused the sky to freeze.

Zhao Xingmei was a ranked job. She paid attention to the distance between the enemy and herself. She was far from Green Flower but used some skill to cause her to enter a trance. Her movement slowed down.

Her face was filled with shock.

“Pressure Death Tunnel!”

Green Flower spat out those words. She turned into an afterimage in the tunnel between Zhao Xingmei and herself and charged toward Star Beauty Company’s boss, whose movement was restricted.

Many Green Flower subordinates smiled. The explosion in the distance didn’t affect them. Their saint used this move to kill many opponents and mutated lifeforms. There won’t be more than three saints who could survive this move.

She used her killing move right away. This told them that although Green Flower looked casual, she respected this opponent. It also meant that she didn’t think today would go too well.

Cloud Peak and Star Beauty Company people were shocked. They didn’t expect Zhao Xingmei, who was only ranked below Bai Feng, to be controlled just like that. She looked like she was going to die in the next second.

This was a three-star evolved with a green piece of equipment. This bow was the highest level apart from Ye Zhongming, who had a purple weapon. How did this happen?

Was this going to be the turning point of the battle? If Zhao Xingmei loses, then Green Flower will be released. A strong saint would directly affect the other two battlefields. One could say that the Ying City alliance would lose!

Looking at the situation, Bai Feng’s side wasn’t good either.

Star Beauty Company’s other experts couldn’t hold back. They knew that Star Beauty Company wouldn’t be able to remain in Ying City if their boss died. They might not even be able to survive today.

They attacked for th

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