Chapter 327- Both using ultimate skills
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 327- Both using ultimate skills

The copper and white scale fists clashed in midair. They then clashed again. In a short instance, they clashed many times.

Bai Feng retreated. He couldn’t control the weird force that was spreading from his hand. His intestines were rolling. Those thick hands that represented his job had turned from copper to blood red.

It was covered in fresh blood.

Demon Gold retreated, too. He flicked his hands. Half of those sharp bone scales dropped so he couldn’t maintain his job skills.

But he laughed. The guy who lost previously was still not his match.

Both sides were equal in fist fighting, but his soul wolves took the chance to bite Bai Feng’s body. Not only did they damage it, but they also helped Demon Gold heal up.

Demon Gold had a weird job, which gave him an advantage.

“Very strong.” Bai Feng praised and then took in a deep breath. Another pair of hands appeared on his back.

“Four-armed Emperor!”

Bei Feng hollered in rage and attacked with his four arms. The first shadows were two times more dense than before.

After he was on the verge of dying, he rose from the ashes. He used a three-star potion to trade for a job advancement scroll from Zhao Xingmei. He was an Intermediate Copper Fighter with a new job skill-- Four-armed Emperor!

Although this job didn’t have a prefix, it was really strong. At the Basic Grade, Bai Feng’s job skill was Two-armed Monk.

Monk, Emperor, Saravaka, Luohan, Bodhisattva, and Buddha were Buddhist terms. Copper Fighter’s job skills came from these rankings. If he continued to evolve, he would get Six-arm Saravaka, Eight-armed Luohan, Ten-armed Bodhisattva, and the final skill: Ten Thousand-arm Buddha.

Now that he reached Intermediate Grade and learned Four-armed Emperor, this allowed him to deal double his hits compared to moments ago.

Demon Gold was caught off guard and took a loss. His body was hit several times, and several wolf souls were scattered.

Seeing an enemy that nearly killed him days ago being beaten by him, he shouted in joy. He charged with his four arms and wan

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