Chapter 326- Red crystal: level-six
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 326- Red crystal: level-six

“Is Worker Le away?”

Mo Ye saw the enemy take a few losses before they started to clear the traps carefully. He asked Sister Rong and Lu Yi.

“Yes. They went with Young Master Yun’s father and uncle to Hungry Tiger Cavalry’s base and are waiting for our main squad there.”

Lu Yi was worried; he was not confident about the upcoming fight.

The main force was in Ying City, so few remained. Half were newbies. Although they all had one-star evolution potions, they weren’t too strong.

Lu Yi didn’t oppose Ye Zhongming’s decision as he knew Cloud Peak had to interfere in Ying City. After all, it was the apocalypse, and trust was a huge problem. Although Ye Zhongming convinced the two factions to work together, they had to be strong to prevent problems from happening.

That concerned Cloud Peak’s future.

Ye Zhongming only suspected that people would attack the base. They hoped it wouldn’t, but now his suspicion was real. The one that came was the strong Ying City Jail.

The higher-ups left knew that this would be a tough battle.

If they didn’t do well, they might…

Lu Yi frowned and stopped thinking about it. There was no point. They couldn’t lose the base.

He glanced at Liu Zhenghong, who was playing with her blade. Sister Rong opened her mouth; she hesitated before saying, “Ye Zhongming told you to leave with Worker Le.”

She laughed, “I am not such a coward. I fought and survived until now. I am a fighting scientist.”

Mo Ye smiled. A battle was about to occur, so having such a partner was good.

“Jinghong, are you not going?”

Liu Zhenghong tapped the shoulder of a guy beside her. This was one of the first groups of people that came after Ye Zhongming occupied Cloud Peak. He was a doctor. He also joined in to help Jia Yi and the others clear the Fake Ghost Tree in their bodies.

He relied on his medical skills and basics to become Liu Zhenghong’s assistant. She didn’t leave, but he could. Any technical talents could leave the place first.

“I am afraid you won’t want me if I leave. There aren’t many places to eat

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