Chapter 329- I am stronger than rabbits
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 329- I am stronger than rabbits

Ye Zhongming faced many dangerous situations in his last life. He brushed past the god of death so many times that it was enough for the god of death to remember his face.

But he had never faced such a situation before.

He had to face a dragon alone.

In his last life, living beings of legends would appear. Although there were differences to legends, humans related them to the lifeforms we had in mythology. That might make humans think that the Earth was still the Earth, just that some ancient beings had revived and were back to the era of legends.

For example, Yangos. This evil dragon was slightly different from western dragons, but its giant body was similar. These big lizards also happily admitted that they were dragons.

Ye Zhongming faced level-six beings before and even participated in a hunt for a level-eight being.

But he was a ranged damage dealer and even helped to clear the area of the weaker mutated lifeforms. He didn’t even enter the main battlefield.

He had never faced a level-six lifeform alone, much less the dragon race, which was invincible in the same level.

But he had to face it today; he couldn’t escape anymore.

Ye Zhongming was not as fast as Yangos, who had wings and could fly.

The dragon flapped its wings and was 50 meters ahead of Ye Zhongming. It looked at the human, and its eyes had two burning flames.

Yangos would never forget the humiliation he faced that day!

It was cursed at by the weak human, threatened, educated. The Twin-winged Boa suppressed it, mocked it. It chose to run… In front of the entire Ying City.

Yangos didn’t even need to think and knew how the other lifeforms treated it after that.

Especially after it found out that the battle pet was a lie!

This humiliation would stay with the noble giant dragon for the rest of its life!

This humiliation could only be washed away with blood!

The blood of this human before it!

“Kneel, and I will give you an honorable death!”

A mental message was passed to Ye Zhongming. Yangos was pretty much roaring into Ye Zhongming’s

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