Chapter 112- Terrifying goal
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 112- Terrifying goal

"What do you want to do?"

Guan Changchun tried to keep himself calm and not look at the zombie bodies outside the door that were bloody and had their crystals dug out.

Ye Zhongming signaled for Little Tiger and Liang Chuyin to search the building. This was a habit. It was finding the danger and solving it to prevent accidents from happening.

He glanced toward where Le Dayuan was looking and saw a shifty muscular guy in the crowd. When he got close to them, someone wanted to stop him, but he kicked him aside. The guy fell to the ground holding his ribs, and sucked in a deep breath. Probably a few bones of his were already broken.

Ye Zhongming's action caused many of them to quieten down. Even Guan Changchun bit his teeth and hesitated about whether or not to stop this guy.

"You, what are you doing?"

The mechanic saw Ye Zhongming walk towards him, and he started to stammer. He had no choice; he was stronger than him, and this group looked strong. There were a few of them holding guns and blades.

Ye Zhongming was lazy to speak; he pulled his collar and dragged him in front of Le Dayuan.


The mechanic wanted to say something, but suddenly, a sharp pain spread from his leg, forcing him to kneel. He would have been rolling around if not for someone holding his collar.

Ye Zhongming broke his right leg.

He reached out his hands and pressed his shoulders. The strength of an evolved was enough to break the bones of ordinary people. This made the mechanic shout in pain. But the next second, a gun was pressed on his cheek to force him to swallow his screams.

He rolled on the ground and wanted to hold his leg, but he also wanted to touch his mouth, but his hands couldn't move. The red liquid flowed from his mouth, mixed with several teeth. The intense pain caused him to faint in just two seconds.

Such a situation caused the others around to retreat. But just a few steps, they saw a bald dog staring at them aggressively from the stairs. Occasionally it would bare its fangs at them.

"Mutated dog!" Someone recog

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