Chapter 113- Boar King
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 113- Boar King

Compared to the city with abandoned cars and destroyed buildings, the suburbs looked much better.

But the wandering zombies, mutated monsters, and the few corpses that got eaten up were a clear sign to those alive that this was the apocalypse.

Ye Zhongming placed down the binoculars and realized that his palm was a little wet.

He was someone with dry hands, so such a situation was rare.

Ye Zhongming knew that he was nervous.

Probably anyone who faced a nine-star expert in the last life would be nervous too.

Ye Zhongming set his final target here, a green boar farm. At the same time, this was where many true experts were born in his last life.

Boar King Gu Pan!

Speaking of Gu Pan, people in his last life will only describe him with the word legendary.

His stories were as legendary as those web novels. They were exciting. If one wrote a book based on his story, his evolution process was like the heavens blessed him.

To say something, this fellow was hacking.

This Gu Pan was so strong and overpowered because he had a bunch of loyal mutated boars.

Right, a bunch. Not one, not two, not ten but a whole bunch.

It wasn’t rare for humans to have pets. For example, people like Ye Zhongming had a close relationship with animals during peacetime, so the pets were loyal to them. During the apocalypse, after these pets mutated, it didn’t affect their relationship, and they thus evolved into battle pets.

There were many such examples. It even made Ye Zhongming suspect whether or not the mutated cat by the Talking Lady’s side was her pet. If not, it didn’t explain how she had three skills at level two.

But be it Ye Zhongming or Talking Lady, they both had pets that made people jealous of them. However, that was just one. This Gu Pan had many, and their evolution levels were high.

When Ye Zhongming heard about Gu Pan, this Boar King had 30 evolved wild boars at a similar level as him. At that time, Ye Zhongming was just three stars, while this Boar King had reached six stars, and he had a bunch of level six mutated

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