Chapter 111- Help me do something
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 111- Help me do something

In his last life, in the apocalypse that Ye Zhongming was familiar with, there were many reasons why humans were able to live in a world filled with more and more higher-level zombies, monsters with extraordinary reproductive abilities, mutated things with high intellect, plants and animals which evolved into powerful beings.

But one thing couldn't be denied, among all those reasons, one of the biggest was the invention of crystal weapons.

Weapons were important. Especially in human history, weapons evolved along with time and got much stronger than humans themselves.

It was the same in the apocalypse too. Zombies and mutated beings, while evolving, some parts of their bodies would change. Some were not obvious, like skin and bones, while some were more obvious, like tails, iron arms, sharp claws, etc., weird shapes.

Those monsters with special features would undoubtedly have a more significant advantage.

Maybe some strong humans could face off with them with skills or jobs, but these humans were the minority. Most humans were newly evolved, so they were powerless when facing these nonhuman lifeforms.

So how would humans deal with these monsters? Guns? Not to mention that the weapons designed during peacetime to be used against other humans were getting weaker against the stronger monsters, and the destroyed production line of weapons was also not enough to keep up with their usage.

Weapons from the gachapon? Too little.

Weapons crafted by Smiths? Too little.

Weapons from the dungeons? Too little.

Although the weapons obtained during this channel were strong, there were too few. As compared to the number of survivors, the contrast was huge.

This was why human evolution speed couldn't catch up to the mutated life forms at the start of the apocalypse. Along with weapons that weren't getting stronger, it wasn't hard to see why there wasn't an absolute disadvantage.

Only until crystal weapons appeared.

Ye Zhongming remembered clearly the day he came back from a mission and he got a piece of shocking news.

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