Chapter 110- Father of crystal weapons
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 110- Father of crystal weapons

"Your turn, go!"

A short guy was pushed out, but his colleague had been bitten to death by a zombie, so how would he listen to them and head out to his death?

He cried out and tried to push back. The adrenaline allowed his legs which were weak as he had no food, to stabilize on the ground.

Guan Changchun held an iron pipe, and viciousness flashed across his face. He smacked the advanced engineer on the knee, and the sound of crisp bone breaking was mixed into his cries. That person lay on the ground and rolled as he hugged his knee. Sweat covered his shirt.

"Give him a knife!"

Guan Changchun ordered, and someone ran out to stab the other leg. Fresh blood flowed out.

"Don't, ah! It hurts!" The guy teared up. He regretted choosing to come out to find food with these people. This was not finding food; they used him as bait to draw the zombies from the nearby supermarket.

The blood smell swiftly spread in the air. Moments later, the zombie's unique sound could be heard around. They smelled the blood and were getting close!

Guan Changchun hid to the side with his men and smashed zombies' heads alone to collect their crystals.

In a while, the cries had an intense two-second peak before stopping. All that was left was the sound of flesh being ripped and loud chewing. Twenty zombies were enjoying their meal.

A few of them took the chance to run into the supermarket. They collected stuff and ran right out, afraid the zombies would notice them. Guan Changchun was furious at these people as they were cowards, but he didn't even look at himself, who dared not enter.

When they were back, Guan Changchun snatched a bag to see what was inside before slapping the guy in the face, "Damn, you took so little food? That is not even enough for a day! You wasted two baits to do this; you are trash."

That person who was hit didn't dare say a word but was evidently unhappy.

"Brother Changchun, isn't there one more?"

The mechanic held Le Dayuan's collar like he was a chicken. Along the way, he beat Le Dayuan up because his wif

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