Chapter 0056: Lang Jie Is Willing to Be a Mount
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Apex War God Chapter 0056: Lang Jie Is Willing to Be a Mount

“Shake the status quo with the barbarian tribes, shock the imperial court and the ordinary people, gain political power, and change the world!”

How domineering and amazing these words sounded. But how many people could actually do this?

Yang Wu was not a fool. He could discern the meaning of these words. He also understood that Xun Rui was right. Clenching his fist tightly, he said, “I will definitely be able to achieve these things one day, but I am afraid that day will take too long to arrive. I beg Teacher to give me some guidance!”

Yang Wu had changed his manner of address from “Senior Xun” to “Teacher,” a clear indication that his regard for Xun Rui in his mind had changed entirely.

“Hehe, you think too highly of me. I am a tactician, not a martial arts expert. I can plot gains and losses for the near future. I can strategize your affairs for a hundred years. But I have no idea how to help you gain political power!” Xun Rui smiled with wise, old eyes.

“Then, I implore Teacher to plan my affairs for the coming year,” Yang Wu replied. He had set a goal for himself to not only cast off his convict status within a year but also return to Royal City and reestablish the Yang Clan’s social status.

One year might seem like a very short time, but Yang Wu was very confident due to the Supreme Nine Profound Art and the Dragon Turtle Sea Flipping Art. Of course, there was also Sooty.

These days, it just stayed by his side and had not taken out any aged herbs or spiritual pills. However, he believed Sooty had its own reasons for doing so. Perhaps as long as it was willing, it could bring him those aged herbs and spiritual pills at any time.

“Your foundation in the martial arts is good. You have also accumulated enough Scarlet Steel Rock. You just have to survive in the Death Legion, and you can have an unfettered life. It wouldn’t be too late to form a plan later. Why are you in such a hurry to accomplish them in a year?” Xun Rui asked.

Yang Wu took a deep breath and replied, “I can afford to wait, but my parents and younger brother cannot!”

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“What a loving, filial son! Then, I will draft a plan for you for the coming year,” Xun Rui said with a look of appreciation.

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