Chapter 0055: Unless You—Yang Wu—Can Gain Absolute Authority over the World
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Apex War God Chapter 0055: Unless You—Yang Wu—Can Gain Absolute Authority over the World

Faint blue veins appeared in Wang Bajin’s arms as he poured Profound Energy into them in an all-out effort to tear Yang Wu in half.

Just when he thought he could kill the young man, the young man’s legs, which he was holding, became akin to an old pine tree deeply rooted in the soil—so steady and strong that he could not tear them apart.

Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance!

This stance could be considered an ultimate stance for holding one’s ground. Yang Wu’s feet were nailed to the land as he absorbed water-attributed Profound Energy. The power within his legs was extremely overbearing; even Wang Bajin, with his thirteen cauldrons of strength, could not shake them free.

Yang Wu crouched down, and a force rushed up from the soles of his feet. His body, which was bent like a bow, sprung up and seemed to draw two water dragons out of the ground.

Dragon Turtle Absorption!

This was an evolution of the Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance Yang Wu developed in his mind.

The instant Yang Wu leaped, he dragged Wang Bajin into the air, as the old man had yet to let go. Yang Wu crisscrossed his feet, twisting the water dragons into a deadly chain strangling Wang Bajin.

Yang Wu yelled, “Kill!” The young man’s feet were like a pair of sharp scissors and, together with the water chain, strangled Wang Bajin till he was suffocating and bleeding. The old man resisted stubbornly, clutching the chain with all his strength to protect his throat. He hadn’t felt death looming in a long time.

“M-Mercy!” Wang Bajin gasped with difficulty, begging for leniency.

Wang Bajin was afraid of death. Otherwise, he would not have remained in the mountain prison and foregone the chance to join the Death Legion to kill the Barbarians and rid himself of his prisoner status.

He was waiting to break through to the General Realm before joining the army, as he would be more confident of surviving in this way.

But right now, he was about to die, and that made him very sore.

Yang Wu was no murderous madman. The moment Wang Bajin begged for mercy, Yang

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