Chapter 0054: You Have Bad Breath
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Apex War God Chapter 0054: You Have Bad Breath

In the area of the original cell block 5, two gang leaders sat together—Slouching Wang Bajin and One-Eyed Dragon Zhou Xuelong.

Wang Bajin slouched badly and looked old. He held a metal walking stick propped on the floor, supporting his body as if he would fall over any moment without it.

Zhou Xuelong, on the other hand, had a blind eye covered by a black cloth as well as an extraordinary great saber slung on his back. The sinister air around him and his bared teeth made him look like he would devour someone alive at any moment.

Both were Consummate Grade Warriors, and ranking higher than Black Ape was sufficient proof they were at least on the same level or even stronger than Black Ape.

A prisoner ran over and reported, “Bosses, Yang Wu already started heading over and was intercepted by Ge Hu and his company.”

Zhou Xuelong bared his teeth. “If he can’t even get through Ge Hu, then he is not worthy to face us.”

“Of the thirty tons of Scarlet Steel Rock, you take twenty tons; I only want ten!” Wang Bajin croaked weakly.

“Are you planning to conserve your strength, Brother Wang?” Zhou Xuelong asked.

“I’m old. I want to save my strength to live a few more years,” Wang Bajin replied.

“Oh, don’t pull my leg, Brother Wang. Since you don’t want to fight, I’ll teach the kid his place on your behalf. But we should stick to splitting the Scarlet Steel Rock equally; I don’t dare take advantage of you!” Zhou Xuelong said courteously.

There was no way he would believe Wang Bajin was telling the truth. They had fought before, and he was no match for the slouching man. The old man was probably only a step away from the General Realm. Perhaps one day, he would ascend to the next realm and truly leave the prison for the Death Legion.

“I’m getting older and have no use for so much Scarlet Steel Rock, but…the people under me need to eat!” Wang Bajin sighed again.

Zhou Xuelong’s face twitched. “If that’s the case, I’ll take just ten tons, and Brother Wang can take twenty.”

Wang Bajin’s half-lidded eyes opened as he laughed, “Little Zhou, you are a thoughtful one! I see potential in you.”

Deep down in his heart, Zhou Xuelong wanted to eat the old man alive, but he had to force a smile, not daring to show his dissatisfaction.

Another half an hour passed, and a prisoner rushed in with news. “The situation is bad, bosses. Ge Hu and his bunch have been defeated.”

“A bunch of useless losers!” Zhou Xuelong bellowed.

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