Chapter 0053: Not Too Dumb, After All
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Apex War God Chapter 0053: Not Too Dumb, After All

Yang Wu had challenged the fifth- and sixth-ranked prison bosses!

This news spread like wildfire through the new cellblock 2.

“Who is Yang Wu? He actually dares to challenge two bosses at the same time; has his brain overheated? No other boss dares to do that.”

“I heard he’s the brat who slaughtered Black Ape. He must be quite capable, or he wouldn’t dare do something like this.”

“Does he really thinks he’s all that? Even the first-ranked boss wouldn’t have an easy victory if those two bosses teamed up. Who does Yang Wu think he is?”

“We’ll know when they fight in two days. I heard the day the Death Legion comes to take people is coming in half a month; that Yang Wu is probably desperate to leave for him to be this daring!”

The name of Yang Wu soon became famous among the prisoners of the new cellblock 2. Even if he died, this batch of prisoners would remember him.

Yang Wu ignored these unfounded rumors, training steadily. The Rainstorm Spear Art had reached Perfection, but the Spiraling Waves Rending Palm Strike was only at the Proficient stage, still some distance from Accomplishment.

Aside from practicing his combat techniques these past two days, he relied on the Supreme Nine Profound Art and the Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance to break through six more acupoints, leaving him only a step away from 108 acupoints.

The night before the decisive battle, Yang Wu and Xun Rui were barbecuing wolf meat. Actually, Xu Jiaohua was the one barbecuing it for them; they were only responsible for eating it.

Xu Jiaohua secretly scolded in her heart, They’re really ungentlemanly.

Xu Jiaohua was skilled in cooking. Even without seasonings, her barbecue was still delicious.

Xun Rui said without a single bit of modesty, “Come, come, Little Wu`zi, little black dog, this old man invites you to eat wolf meat. Don’t stand on ceremony; just eat.”

Every time Yang Wu heard “Little Wu`zi,” which was similar to the address for eunuchs, his face would darken. No man would tolerate it, but this old man seemed to have gotten addicted t

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